Benefits: THC Free CBD Oil


The Benefits of THC Free CBD Oil

More and more, people are discovering the benefits of THC free CBD oil. The marijuana plant consists of two main compounds that are naturally formulated, but they are very different in nature. One is THC, the substance that produces a high and the other is CBD, or cannabidiol. THC free CBD offers a wide range of benefits, from reducing anxiety to preventing seizures. For the purposes of this reading material, when we refer to CBD Oil we are referring to THC Free CBD Oil only.


The High Produced

Many people are worried about using CBD oil because they assume there is the chance of getting high because it comes from the marijuana plant. One of the key benefits THC free CBD oil offers is that there is no chance of this happening. CBD is not psychoactive. You will not experience a “getting high” effect, regardless of whether you ingest or smoke THC Free CBD products.

Additionally, there are no known side effects to using CBD oil which is why doctors recommend it for both adults and children to treat certain conditions. The lack of psychoactive properties in CBD is important to the medical establishment in viewing its medicinal value.


The Feeling of Anxiety

Most people know that marijuana users are vulnerable to feelings of anxiety. This feeling of anxiety and paranoia is caused by THC, however, CBD is known to have the opposite effect. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that CBD will actually work against the anxiety and paranoia caused by THC.

There are a number of additional studies which have shown that the use of CBD oil that is free of THC can reduce the feelings of anxiety in patients. However, it is important that the CBD is administered on its own otherwise, it will be fighting the effects of the THC.


Use as an Antipsychotic

CBD is not only a non-psychoactive substance, but it also has properties which make it an antipsychotic. Research has shown that the CBD in marijuana may actually be protecting users from getting too high. This is through the negating of psychosis-like effects that THC brings.

CBD is not only good for countering the THC in the plant, but offers great benefits when administered on its own. Tests completed by GW Pharmaceuticals show that CBD on its own can be used to treat people with schizophrenia. The antipsychotic properties of CBD help to regulate patients, and this is a very promising benefit of THC free CBD oil.


Effects on Sleep

One of the most common reasons for people to use marijuana is to try and sleep. The problem is that it is the THC in the plant that actually causes the sleep-inducing effects. CBD does not have any sleep-inducing properties and studies have found that it actually has the opposite effect. These opposite effects are why certain strains of marijuana are able to make people sleep while others give them a boost of energy.

So don’t be looking for CBD oil to help you fall asleep, but consider using it when you need a boost of energy. The boost given by the CBD oil should be used wisely as there have not been many studies done on the potential effects of this on the body.


The Legal Status

Most countries have very strict laws when it comes to THC and marijuana. However, the legal status of CBD is less clear with certain countries being open to the use of THC Free CBD oil, while others are not.

As the political and legal landscape change, we may see more conclusive framework that is easy to follow and understand.

There is a pharmaceutical form of CBD which has been cleared by the FDA to help children with cases of severe epilepsy. It is also possible to import and buy CBD oil which comes from hemp. It is possible to obtain these oils which are THC free from certain companies.

If you are looking to purchase CBD Oil products you should take your time and do your research. Make sure that what you are purchasing is coming from a reputable source. You should be able to ask questions and verify any claims that are made, regarding the product itself.